1. *Don’t get into stupid debts– This are those debts that make sure that we move five steps ahead but seven steps backwards. In short this debts ensure you go backwards instead of ahead. Examples of such debts include debts to go have fun or keep up with the Joneses! Avoid such debts!!!! Refer to my earlier blog.
  2. *Save more than you can, save now– savings means sacrificing a portion of your income for the future benefit. Saving requires discipline and the best way to save is to begin by saving then consuming the remainder. This can be done through standing orders to savings accounts or trust funds!!!
  3. *Buy what you need not what you want-Now this is the hard part. This simply means that you only buy what you feel you need other than wanting! Before doing any purchases, ask yourself, do I really need to do this or I want to!!! Many a times wanting something is associated with luxuries and other things that we hardly need to live a comfortable life! So the next time you want to spend, ask yourself, do I need this or I just want it!!!!
  4. *Learn to plan– planning is the art of laying a proper manner at which one is going to handle something. They are the guidelines to approaching something. Planning finances is key!!! You need to budget your finances to minimize random spending and also minimize the want to buy other than the need!!! Planning will also enable you to track any changes in your income as opposed to random spending. Thus, purpose to plan your finances, will you????PLAN
  5. *Set boundaries– imagine you had no walls surrounding your bedroom. How messy can that be?? Setting boundaries in your finances means there are things you can actually not do. I know for most of you its spending money on alcohol and the like! Others is spending some certain amount on fare and food! What are your finance boundaries!!! This goes hand in hand with the budgeting. Set clear boundaries that you can easily follow. This way you will also have the confidence of controlling your money!!!!BOUNDARIES
  6. *Tell your money where to go!!! Be in control- haaa, does your money work for you or you work for the money??? As you ponder on that, allow me to shed some light on that. This means while you are sleeping or resting, you have put some money somewhere that is earning you more money!! In short this means investing your money!! This is the bottom line to wealth creation. Let the money work for you, not the other way round, if you are working for the money, you will never get enough of it!!!Trust you me!CTRL
  7. *Don’t live for others!!!!Use money on what you value!!!Wow wow!! How many times have you spend your money out of peer pressure, out of the want to be trendy or even to avoid being the scapegoat!!! Uncountable maybe!!!My brother/sister, you can never satisfy the trends and/or the people. You will always lag behind. Trendy stuff will always pop out, rendering what was previously trendy obsolete. Remember the Ideos era, the Savco era among others!! Being trendy and living for the masses will not lead you to your financial freedom. This one goes to the campus guys. In as much as one would not want to be a scapegoat, it’s good to look at this from your end before looking at the ‘others’. The only time you are allowed to live for others is at an investment club or a chama where all of you have the same objective!! Kindly live for you, will you!!!!




Boy Child Under Siege


If only the boy child was under “CHEGE”-  Kikuyu name for males- then there could be no vivid reason to explore my linguistic jargon to sum up the below. But then, the boy is under SIEGE- Selina, Irene, Erica ,Grace and Emma. He is living under them. See, if he was over them, that could be polygamy, which the modern day woman is opposed to. I don’t know whether its out of Jealousy or lack of appreciation of division of labour and specialisation or worse off…… story for another day.

See, Selina is now his Manager, Irene, is the Landlady, Erica is the lady who he borrowed some loan from so us to buy supper that day for his wife  Emma, who was all over him. Grace is that next door single mother who wants him to be providing for her since after some process, they contributed in the formula to fill the world, you know what I mean.
This is what the boy child is going through. Nevertheless, he still has an ailing mother to look after, a schooling sister to pay fees for and an ambitious ‘clande’ whom he is the venture capitalist.

But the good this is, this ninja never gives up, he wakes everyday chants a prayer, and hustles hard to ensure that the only song on Emma’s- refer above to whom Emma is- lips is ” Ni wewe tu Bwana*2″ *hums.
The ninja ensures that all the women he is under are satisfied because at the end of the day, we are not defined by the results but by our ambitions, our goals, our passions, our talents, our relations and above all how we handle the challenges coz #WeAreWinners, #WeKeepGrindin, #WeHustleHard.



1.When you blame others you give up your power to change. Take responsibility for your future!
2. Leadership is not just what happens when you’re there, it’s what happens when you’re not.
3. Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear
4. You never know how strong you are until to be strong is the only option you have.
5. Have courage. It clears the way for things that need to be.
6.Success is the result of good judgement, which is the result of experience, experience is often the result of bad judgement.
7. Speaking comes by nature, silence by understanding.
8.Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
9. It’s always more important to be kind than to be right.
10. Live more, complain less, More smiles, less stress. Less hate, more blessed.

Five important things to remember about the MEANS to the END!

We can never change our destiny, but we can really do something in this  journey to our destiny. Some say the end will justify the means, but they never define this means. For you to achieve that goal that you set out for you, or that letter that you wrote to the
future you, please take note of the below.
1. Always take charge of your brain – there’s is a reason the head was placed higher above the other body parts. Don’t ever disrespect that reason.
2. Be bold – the difference between you and the other person whom you share the same resources is that one of you was bold enough to make tough decisions while you were there whining. Be bold, be the first to claim the price. The golden rule is, whoever finds gold first, keeps it.
3. Never attach the result to whom you are. If you fail ones you are not a failure, and the opposite is also true. Learn from the failures, accept and move on, if you succeed, learn to reach higher heights, a slight backward move could be the route to glory land. This reminds me that when a vehicle is stack in the mad, mostly it reverses then surges forward with all its energy.
4. Do something uncomfortable – its through doing the uncomfortable things that we discover we can do new things. Who remembers the first time he/ she tried to work, was it comfortable at all? The first times are never comfortable, and if you never find yourself out of the comfort zone, look back and check, you must be redundant.
5. Finally, everyone has something. Learn to respect everyone with what they have but most importantly learn to appreciate what you bring on the table while not disrespecting the other’s opinion. I have heard the old say, no one attends his burial, thus be nice to everyone,learn to share what you have, but all in all be  tactical in what you do. Alone you will go fast but together we will go further.



How I Found Myself on the Weak-End!!!!

Smile ! What’s in a smile! Small moments indicating  life endorsements. Its the shortest distance between two strangers. Its the most beautiful curve on a lady! On a chilly Monday, she came in and smiled. Like they say out of sight out of mind! I didn’t note the smile at first until it was time for presentations! ‘I love cats’ she said. I didn’t take note of that. Soon it was lunch time, I said an innocent hi. And that was it. She started frequenting a room out there. The swingy hips said it all considering the bum size. I still didn’t notice or so I assumed. Time to go home , I asked her to wait for me but she left. I am hoping it was innocent leaving, no intentions meant.
Tuesday morning! She came dressed in trousers that said it all. The coast line was so explicit that no borderline arguments could arise.Then came the infectious smile. Its when I took notice. And then she kept smiling, at least in my mind!!!! I kept staring, at least in my eyes, I stared with my mouth! I am sure she caught my stares. But still I managed to gather something. Something special worth remembering, worth giving a side mirror look! Worth looking back and smiling! From then on I was cloud in cloud nine. Forget the DJ Creme , the Bro Ocholla and NYS scandals! There was a scandal in my mind! It could not vividly account for why it had lapses! But still, I moved on. I gave my self a pat on the back, yes back and said ‘ All is Well.’ Remember the 3idiots !!! I made innocent unanswered calls.
Then Friday happened. I wanted to see her, I wanted to talk to her, I wanted to feel the smile. I even overslept thinking I was seeing her. I woke up late. I hurried to work thinking that was the worst day. Then the mail with ‘ MISMENTS dropped. I replied with a grin like the green geckos on the blue walls of Jerusalem. It was the best thing to happen to me that fateful Friday. But wait, since Friday happened, you know what follows. The weekend!!!! But the bad thing is, or the good maybe! I am still in the weak-end!! 

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Its How You Perceive Trouble That Determines How You Go Through it!

I was recently watching an anonymous movie about a guy who lost in everything he did. In short he did not have the midas touch. He thus became frustrated in life and resorted to very bad aggression management techniques. I am not talking about Arsene Wenger’s bottle kicking. The ninja was hitting everything at his disposal that led him to the ICU. Luckily he survived. To cut the long story short, he quit when he was almost there. But one sentence, one sentence, changed his attitude. He always viewed himself a looser until this wise man told him ,’  PAIN CAN NEVER HEAL PAIN, AND IT TAKES PAIN TO APPRECIATE LACK OF IT!!!!. This had me thinking, how many times are we subjected to intentional pain and we resort to giving back pain, how many times are we in so much sh*t that we resolve to inflict the same to our loved ones, how many times do we suffer from rejection and used it to harm others!
Consider this scenarios, to make that cute earing on your ear, it was subjected to intense heat to mold it as it is, to make that much valued ring that your significant other placed on your finger, it was subjected to back and forth hitting, intense heat and a very uncomfortable process, if only the ring could talk!!! That sleek vehicle you always admire, that expensive furniture you dream off, the comfy couch you are sitting on- all this had to undergo veeeery uncomfortable process to earn that value placed on it. I mean why need you melt something to mold it yet you can use it as it is!!!
Its called value addition.
Similarly in life, this hard moments we undergo through are not meant to undermine us or punish us, rather they are meant to mold us into something special and valuable, something to be admired. This should explain why you should never judge a person without knowing the process he went through to be whom he is today. Les Brown puts it  that, it’s the processes and the system that we have undergone through  define who we are. Man before you call it quits, remember why you started it, remember that success is built in processes and no one really promised an easy life at bath.

We were all born the same way- naked beautiful bouncing babies- but its the processes that we go through and how we go through them that determine how we die, either trying or having lost or at peace!!!!!

  Again we may undergo the same processes, but , how did you handle yours. Remember tough times come to all, but tough people outdo the tough times, and tough times over and over make tough people , the likes of Gina Din,  Dr Chris Kirubi, Vimal Shah, Many Chandaria and I know you are also tough, aren’t you!!!!!!!

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Meet Dave, The Smart Little Boy!!!!

So It’s past 6pm and i am done with my weekend line up and is ready to travel back to Nairobi. I get to the stage, at Eurekule, a small centre on your way to Narok from Nairobi. Some well packed tomatoes attract my eyes, the ‘Nakula kwa macho’ way. I move my fat body to the stand where they are well displayed. There’s no attendant and hence i sit and wait. Within no time a small boy comes running. Lets call him Dave. I ask Dave how much the tomatoes go at. Dave tells me they cost only 100 bob.Like the Kenyan I am, I tell him 80 which he vehemently refutes. And instead offers to add me some more but I have to pay 100 bob. Shrewd, huh!!!!!! I think this boy has attended centonomy classes
He does Exactly that , he proceeds to ask me where i am headed for. I tell him I am headed for Thika. He says, ‘Hapa tu?’ The ego in me nudges me to ask him whether he’s been to Turkana. He shyly says no! I advice him he should join the university to travel the world. He asks me how of which i explain. I think that interests him coz we spend the next 20 mins on that topic. He tells me of how he wanna join the varsity , he says JKUAT. I tell him its better since it will remove the rurality in him.Confident, huh!!
He tells me he ain’t rural, just because he can count the Kisii buses that use the Narok highway. He goes on and tells me he is in class 8 and says we shall meet in campus!!!! Like seriously???? He thinks I am that young!!!!! A ninja with ambitions!!!!
Well I tell him I was done with high school seven years ago!!!He tells me I look younger!! Well I proudly reply, ‘ni kuishi stress free brathee!!!’ He enquires what is stress and how its related to kuzeeka of which i think he understands my reply’!! He really wants to learn!!!!
The conversation is cut short by an unwelcome call After the call he says, enyewe wee ni mzee, mpaka una bibi na mtoto! Reason being, I was talking to a lady and he was eavesdropping! He heard me mention , mtoto wako!!! Such a smart kid huh!!!! I tell him, watoto nowdays ni kawaida. He shows me an insane woman who has one toddler and is already paged as we speak!!! He goes on and says, hata huyo bwanake sijai muona.Na sijui anakaa aje, unapigaje mtu hajielewi poa ball!!! That catches me by surprise of which I calmly answer, ata wewe utafika hapo na tutauliza the same!!! He tells me he is different, that he is emotionless, reason being, the smart phone mood scanner told him so!!!! I proceed to tell him how everyone is special and unique in their own way.Calming the storm!!!!!
On the mood scanner topic, I raise a comment that, such Apps are made by the smart people for the idlers of which he agrees, we go ahead and touch on the sportpesa thing and how its messing us up. He tells me he can never bet!!! That’s for idlers!!!! Msee!!! This is a smart kid I tell you.
And a smart kid needs smart advice. I enquire on who owns the business of which he says its her mum’s and he is just helping but after some time he will have his. I advice him the one advice that I got while I was big yet was relevant when I was small, roger that!! I tell him to request her mum to be giving him just one bag of the properly wrapped potatoes which goes for 100bob. We do our maths which tell us that by end month he will have a cool 3k and by year end, he will have 36k in savings!!!! That means by time he is done with high school, he will have a whooping144k in savings!!! Aint that cool? Ever thought of such???? Get the whole lessons here
Dave exclaims with excitement, ‘Waaah, yani hyo yote itakuwa yangu!!!!’  I proceed to cool the dust by opining that even if he were to spend  6k every year to do his shopping, he would still have some savings most of us will never assemble!!!!
The  smart people conva is interrupted or brought to an abrupt end by the arrival of a Nairobi bound bus that I board and write this blog onboard.
Meanwhile, I hope Dave goes ahead and implements the ideas we shared. I will be so happy for the smart kid. Its quite awesome sharing such ideas with a 13year old Dave!!!!!
Like the saying goes, hit the rod while its still hot….Ciao!!!!!
Ain’t the kid cool????

The 10 choices about wealth….


I am sure all of us want to be wealthy at some time, or rather each of us: Tom, Mathew and Mary, dread poverty. Well the difference between the rich and the poor could be attributed to lots of facts and/or excuses but I believe to be rich or poor is a choice. It’s based on the decisions we make when faced with different situations. Great ones said, ‘Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you handle it’. See, how you handle a situation is the decisions you make regarding how best to cope with the situation.

For you to be wealthy here are some of the 10 decisions you have to make.

  1. Choose to pay yourself– by this I mean in as much as you want to solve a problem and help the society, plan for a clause that will pay you. Basically, most if not all businesses arise from the need to solve problems and the question here is, how will it pay me if I solve a certain problem? Note, you are not self centered since number one you want to solve a problem, then two you need some motivation-pay.
  2. Choose to know and act rather than blame– blame game is one of the major characters associated with failures. They blame each and everything that happens to them especially negatives. Get out of that bracket by choosing to know and act. This way you will not only learn but will also have the knowledge of how to go about a situation when it arises in future unlike when playing the blame game.
  3. Choose to borrow money that works for you rather than for others i.e. bad vs. good debt– how many of you have borrowed money to go have fun, or please you soul mate etc? I know most of us have, me included, but thanks to my Centonomy classes I now know that I should only borrow money that I will invest somewhere to earn a return rather that use it to enrich my lender without getting the full benefits. You see recently access to loans in Kenya is very easy and most guys are enriching the richer by borrowing to even gamble, woe unto you, a little slumber and poverty will strike you!!!!
  4. Choose a clear definition of what’s wealth for you– I am impressed by what my role model- guess who- the investor and true entrepreneur- Dr Chris Kirubi, he said,’ I am not wealthy because I have money, but because everyone of you uses my products.’ See, he solved a problem and now it pays him, he could choose to sleep all day knowing that money will flow in his accounts since we all use his products. What is wealth for you?
  5. Choose not to be controlled by fear– FEAR!!!!! Do you fear that you will fail, that you will be called names, that you will be the talk of the town? Well, Google a thing or two about fear and you will get all sort of comments about how fear lead people to failure, I believe that’s why the two words begin with the same letter. On a lighter note, a proverb is said, that a man who fails to talk to a beautiful lady will only be fetching water for the guests during the wedding. Do you want to be the bride or the water boy? The choice is definitely yours!!!
  6. Choose to talk eat and live your vision– in the first place, do you have a vision of where you want to be? If not, have it written down in your secret wealth note book. Refer to my earlier blog here on how to set your financial goal. now start by sharing it with your mentors, close friends, your God, your pastor, and in everything you do, make sure its aligned to you goal/vision. Will, you?
  7. Choose to understand time value for money– how many of us understand why the mjengo guys are wealthier than the end moth guys. Or say why the mama mboga has more potential than the end month guy? The answer is simple, the mama mboga is paid daily hence can do anything she wants to do with her money daily unlike the end moth guy who is limited by the end month waiting. This is the time value for money. Understand that money in your pockets is worth more than the one you are eying hence your number one finance law should be, pay the creditors late, and request your funds earlier. Time value for money!!!!
  8. Choose to get yourself out of the rat race– who knows what is a rat race? This is a race that when you win you are still a rat, nothing more nothing less. It’s also a race where you compete with ‘rats’ other than other big animals. It’s a race with no end and no rules, see how the rats run around every now and then with no purpose, yes that one, choose to get out of this race and ran purposeful, goal oriented races with the big fish. This way you will not only grow but also reap big. ..Inspirational-Quotes-From2
  9. Choose to face the man in the mirror– how many of us look at ourselves in the morning leave alone ones in a while. More so, how many of us face ourselves in the mirror when we have scars on our faces? I believe very few. Learn and choose to always’ face the mirror’. This way you will reduce the blames and have self confidence. You will also learn to self conscious. The bigger picture here is, facing the man in the mirror makes you believe in what you do and remind you why you even started it all together.
  10. Last but not least, choose to put yourself in the right environment-this is where you will nurture yourself and align yourself to wealth attainment in line with your goals and visions. This I believe is the summary of all the above choices. A practical example is spending time with your mentor and or the experts in your field who will guide you to the sweet end. SWEET END I SAY AND YOU WILL BE SMILING ALL THE WAY TO THE DINING TABLE WITH ALL YOUR GOALS ACCOMPLISHED WITH EVERYONE LOOKING UP TO YOU AND WITH YOUR GOD TO THANK THIS AND EVERY #ThanksgivingThursday s.

This article is inspired by @cekenduati @Centonomy #CentonomyOpenday and my goals to greatness. Big up all. Have a decisive day will you???  You will have me to thank later!!!!





Project X – Come live your craze. I presume that’s how the advert read. I am also presuming most of us at first hear thought it was an investment opportunity just like Tatu City or Konza City; only that this time they opted to call it project X. Why they used the letter x I don’t know, but what I know is that it could have some hidden meaning. Lets dry decipher the meaning.

X – it’s the 24th letter of the alphabet. It limits the previous letters from seeing and reaching Z. It also closer to Z than it is to A. it also means crossed- meaning, no way or no through way. It could also mean being wrong. See those wrongs and ticks the teacher gave you back in the days.  It also denotes the Exports in the national income model. It could also mean immoral- remember x- rated movies. X also means the previous-say my ex wife, ex school, etc. remember those find x sums in the mathematics exams? How were they? And after all, how many marks did they carry?

Y –this is the next letter after x. it’s also the income symbol in Economics. See it has a two way separating the major way Y-note the v-shape above the vertical line. Y is also used by this chatting generations to mean ‘why’.  It’s also the national income Model – Y=C+I+(x-m) 

What’s was the maximum age for one to attend project X? Don’t be surprised it was 24. This is the age where most of us face the midlife crisis. It’s the stage where we are lost in our own dreams, the stage where we want to have a breakthrough, it’s the make or break stage. It’s where most of us are done with campus and are hard hit by reality of life after campus. It’s when most of us are single, divorced and heartbroken, it’s the stage where parents tell you to be independent, see how the hen beaks its chicks. It’s the stage where it would be easier for one to choose to earn rather than learn. It’s where we choose fun other than plan.  This is how project X happened.

Just like X is closer to Z than it is to A, it’s the same way we are closer to our dream attainment than when we dreamt them. It’s the same way we are almost there. It’s the same way we have a long history but a short future for those who are hopeless. It shows how easily we give up when we were almost nearing our destiny Z. We easily forget why we started all the way, from A. This is the stage where we feel life has really undone us, and the easier decision would be….. have fun, loosen up!!! Huh! You forget your goals , your ambitions, your rules, and your character, just for a day….!!!!!

I remember how I used to feel bad when the number of exes exceeds that of ticks. I used to get frustrated with life. I don’t know how you coped with that, but I know this was the make or break situation. You could have chosen to give up and continue with ‘projects X’ or use it as a foundation to starting another project, let’s call it Y. I chose Y because it’s the next alphabet after X and more so, it’s the next stage in the A-z of anything. And for you to go through one stage, you must completely defeat the current one. What’s your current stage? I don’t know, only you know best!!!

Y-it’s the 25th letter of the alphabet. This is the same age most of us find the breakthrough. It’s the same age that most secure jobs and cease to be interns, it’s the same age most of us think of starting their own companies and become entrepreneurs. And just like Y has two ways after the main, it’s the same way in life-this is where we are respected by the choices we make, it’s where we are known by those choices too. Just like Y asks the question ‘why’, this is the same age we ask ourselves many questions and we are defined by the choices we choose or the answers we give to ourselves,

Remember we said Y denotes the national income. It’s the symbol in the national income model that we aim to get. Similarly, in life, this is the stage where we aim at reaping what we will sow; we evaluate what we will reap by using the various determinants. C represents the idea we have in mind. ‘I’ represents how we will actualize the idea. (x-m) represents the net of what we get after sharing our idea and plan with our closest friends.  For you to get maximum reap, you must maximize on your idea, its execution and how inspired you are by your idea (X)- for those who earlier chose to be inspired by their failures in life, the number of wrongs- and minimize on the negatives that people tell you, the demotivators in life, bad company, (M). This means in your mission to achieving your dream, you should give out more than you expect.

Now you have the facts right, it’s upon you to know where you are, where you want to go and how you will get there. Will you be engraved in project X which focuses of the past and has no future, or will you focus on project y, which though has a little future, but it’s still a future. Remember, rich people plan for three generations, poor people plan for Saturday nights. Though the tragedy comes in when 80% of 1st generations’ success is lost in the 2nd generation all in the name of ‘Project X’. How? See this boys rolling with their dads Benz, you are better off with your own bicycle. Keep moving, don’t lose the balance, it’s hard now but surely, there is light at the end of the road. That’s Project X and Y deciphered for you!!! Thank me later!!!



See, I may not own a car, I may not even be a PSV driver or even a Chauffeur, but I have concrete facts to convince you to start fueling and servicing at a Shell Service Station. I know you may be thinking of saving that extra cost and time when you purchase these backdoor uncertified fuels wherever you do it, or probably thinking of doing. I know you may even be complaining there is no Shell Service station near your route (a very low percentage of you coz I know Shell is everywhere). You may even want to put me away with the statement that your boss/Sacco demands that you fuel at that particular station. Some of you don’t even know why they fuel where they fuel; talk of peer influence in full swing!!!!! But all of you will not put me away by all the above since you haven’t have a clue of what you are missing and if by chance you have, then you should as well know what you stand to gain from fueling and servicing at a shell station. Here is how;
Proximity and Brand Confidence–  By proximity I mean , shell stations are everywhere, name them- Samburu, Lodwar, Narok, Kangundo, Thika etc, you will not lack a Shell Service station  along your way/route. Shell has also been a brand we have all known with all its awesome standard services and products. It’s very hard for you to hear drivers complaining off bad fuels from a Shell Service station; same applies to our Lubricants- Rimula and Helix- this are brands you can easily associate with all the confidence you can gather. I remember innocently listening to those Rimula adverts back theeeeeen, when I thought Rimula was the capital city of Limuru or they were related. The consistency of this product makes it have the edge in the market. It only keeps getting better with the various ranges it has from R1 to R4x. the various ranges are designed to serve all our customers from the bus owners to matatu owners; depends on the age of your engine. For buses and new matatus(Box) R4x will suit you well, for the matatus that are slightly old ,R3 will suit you well.

#ShellFuelSave– did you know that ShellFuelSave diesel does not foam? Did you also know that it takes you further for less? This is how it is designed to save on your time while achieving maximum value for money. How? Since it doesn’t foam, it means you don’t waste your time at a station when fueling. How? You don’t have to shake your Ma3 when its full to remove the foam. Two, you will have a watchful eye on how your full fills the tank hence you will know when you are being cheated on. ShellFuelSave diesel also burns faster. So? It means you get a quick ignition which saves on your time. It also means most of it is consumed internally hence has less waste compared to the others thus takes you further for less. How? It means it gives you more energy for less fuel as most of it is used in your engine. Also, the fact that it burns faster and hence most is used internally means that you will have reduced deposits as waste in your engine system hence ensures your it remains clean. So? By clean I mean your injector pump and nozzle are clean hence reduces the number of times you visit your mechanic, but you could go say hi Hehehe.
Shell Services– is it me or whenever you choose to fuel at a shell service station you are welcomed and treated like a guest. How? Like there was this time I was traveling upcountry and the driver decided it’s time to fuel. I cursed him internally for not having fueled before we had boarded the ma3. But wait till you hear this!!! The attendants at that Shell station- I remember it was the one at Bellevue along Mombasa Road – were all smiles and quick to wave us where to fuel. Within no time, another beautiful lady was wiping the windscreen and I couldn’t help but grin like a green gecko. To my surprise the driver did not even alight to go check how the attendant served him- talk of brand confidence and good customer service. I am supposing he was a regular customer and hence had learnt to trust the services which gave him value for money. To cut the long story short, what had began as a curse was quickly turning to be a blessing in disguise as this is where I usually fuel thanks to how I was treated as a guest back then. Big up Shell Bellevue and all shell stations for realizing and endorsing customers as important guests.
All the above benefits are summarized on our promises to you which are;
Clean and bright- you will never find the station and our attendants dirty but they will be clean and will also brighten your day with services offered.
Everything works– this means you will always find everything in good condition: be it the pumps or the pressure machine. By this we also promise you to find all our services under one roof, from our service bay, to wheel balancing, to car wash and car park name it!!!
Quick and easy– this means that the services offered are quick and easy. That is if for instance you want to pay via cash or mpesa, its easy and quick, if you want to fuel, its quick and easy etc.
Treated as a guest– at shell we understand you are our most treasured visitor and hence we will treat you with utmost gesture and respect deserved. We want you back again and again plus your friends, we value you thus we must treat you as a guest.
If the above promises are not delivered to you, kindly contact our reliable and able Customer service office on 0703025000.